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Golf Simulation Platform For Sports

A software ecosystem being a single place for everything a golf player needs including game improvement, participation in challenges, and communication with sports fellows.

Achievements: “Best in Golf” Award annual winner since 2017, 35% of user base growth.

Technologies: Unity

E-Learning Platform For Schools

An educational software ecosystem incorporating interactive courses, a dynamic library of instructional content, and virtual classrooms that engage students into immersive learning via VR technology.

Achievements: collaborates with trusted educational organizations, utilized by New York schools.

Technologies: Unity | React | A-Frame | Firebase

Loan Management Platform

A fintech solution utilized for lending or borrowing money between parents, children, friends, and family members conducted in a secure way with a convenient training section.

Achievements: featured on top Australian news TV shows and magazines.

Technologies: Python | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | MySQL

Geo-Based Social Network For Gamified Travel

A client-server application that provides a unique exploration experience allowing travellers to discover their own paths and collect places worldwide using geo-location and augmented reality.

Achievements: Top 2 & the Most Popular Startup awards at CCPC 2019.

Technologies: Python | Node.js | Unity | AWS (Amazon Web Services) | Mapbox

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Our Software Expertise Achieve Your Business Goals.