Lead Fish AU

Project Description

Lead Fish Australia is a large web application for real estate agents and property sellers. They can signup and upload images, videos, and text descriptions of their real estate properties on the web application. Sellers can design their landing pages by multiple templates. The web application provides unique features for Facebook and Instagram advertisement. It designs advertisements according to seller's real estate properties. Sellers can pay for their advertisements by credit cards. The web application uses Facebook Graph API to create ad campaigns, groups, creatives and much more. Facebook run the ads on Instagram as well. When user clicks on an ad, user will be redirected to landing page of that property. On the landing page, user can fill information or call on phone to contact seller. The web application handles conversions as well. It uses Facebook pixels that are installed on all the landing pages. Seller can view user submitted information on the dashboard.

Cloud Computing, Web Development,

Facebook Development, PayPal Plugin, Stripe, Laravel

Completion date

20 JUNE 2020