Geo-Based Social Network For Gamified Travel

Project Description

“Imagine the year 2300. After many decades of humankind abandoning the Earth in favor of living on Mars, you decide to come back and explore the remnants of human civilization. All you have is the ExplorR app on your iPhone 320S to uncover the surroundings and gradually reveal the locations with memories attached to them. Parks, gardens, museums, restaurants – you start to have a mental picture of what life on Earth was like hundreds of years ago. It is always a magical moment to discover someone’s memories that give a soul to a previously lifeless place.” That is the picture our client shared with us when we first talked. At that moment they had a poorly designed prototype. After the whole code architecture review, we have decided to build a new prototype from scratch. Together we have completely redefined the exploration experience by falling into the demand of fundamentally different traveling – the people’s desire to discover places far off the guided tours, with more freedom, true culture, personal memories, and without prior planning. The full cycle of gamified app development has been performed by utilizing well-proven software development tools and the latest tech advancements in mapping, backends, data storage, multi-user experiences, and much more. The app idea has resonated extremely well among the target audience and judges of the prestigious competitions and accelerators.

Web Development, Cloud Computing, Facebook Apps,

Templates, CSS 3, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, Core PHP

Completion date

19 JULY 2018