Java Applications Development Services

Java Applications Development

Building secure, highly scalable, parallel processing, and high performance applications

HiTech Buddies provides the full cycle of software development from consulting to the post-launch product support.

We use Java language for multi-threaded applications, secure transactions, analysis of large scale data, grid computing, and backend long processes. Java built applications are easily scalable and portable to any platform due to its runtime.

Using Java we build banking applications, streaming software, data analysis, content management systems, complex enterprise systems, and web portals.

Our team is very efficient in Java and its frameworks GWT, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, JSF, Struts, Grails and servers like App Engine, JBoss, GlassFish and Tomcat.

SaaS Software Development

Build customized SaaS solutions and get user subscriptions online.

Backed by an experienced development team, HiTech Buddies has a diverse portfolio of SaaS software development services that are bootstrapped according to our clients’ specifications.

Using the right product development life cycle and technologies, we provide you customized SaaS applications. From conceptualization to final delivery, we will take you through each step of the process.

At HiTech Buddies, we provide dedicated developers and teams to build your SaaS applications with latest platforms of Java along with their core technical and architectural skills.

SaaS Software Development

Cloud Applications

Need cloud application development services?

Cloud Applications

HiTech Buddies team has experience in developing any cloud-based automated solutions — all tailored to our clients’ needs. We make sure that outputs of the cloud-based development process entrusted to our teams results in safe, seamless, and rapid migration of applications, servers, and databases to the cloud.

We have gained extensive expertise in providing full-cycle cloud application development services including Amazon and Google Cloud platforms.

Our services include architecture design for target cloud, application development, migration to cloud, and deployments.

API Development

Java is suitable for building highly-scalable, data-intensive backend services (APIs)

We successfully build APIs of high performance and security for any industry and right for your specific requirements. Our developers use modern methods to provide data processing in different programming languages. We orient on your needs and always meet customers’ expectations.

We have led quite some projects on Java for API development and received exceptional feedback with innovation and perfect technology choice. We have also integrated popular APIs like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twillio, Amazon using Java frameworks in many projects.

At HiTech Buddies, we are driving the development of custom and rest APIs. Our experts are just a call away to bring your ideas into the practical world.

API Development

Back-end Development

We stuff your apps with the best brains

Back-end Development

Java back-end development services come as part of our integral custom software development services, through our programmers are always available for collaboration on a single stage of your product development.

We’ll sit down and work out the best solution to solve your business needs, transform them into an action plan of technical requirements and offer the best architecture to power up this particular solution.

The key priorities for us are security, correctness, performance and the application’s long-term evolution. Whether you need a complex distributed system or a simple back-end to power-up a specific feature, we can help you!

Parallel Processing

Need to speedup processing for your application?

Parallel processing involves dividing a problem into sub problems, solving those problems simultaneously, and then combining the results of the solutions to the sub problems.

Many problems can occur in parallel processing like resource sharing, deadlock, synchronization, and much more. We are aware of all these problems and their solutions. Every application is not suitable to parallelism. Our technical team can analyze your application.

HiTech Buddies' team is very proficient for parallel processing expertise. We use the power of Java along with its parallel processing frameworks like Fork/Join, JPPF, Hadoop, Hazelcast, Terracotta and Gridgain to achieve parallel processing in your applications.

Parallel Processing
Java Applications Development Services client review # 1

Amazing experience while working with developer. She is very professional having strong development and communication skills. It was a quality project delivered on time. Thank you for the great job you have done!

Levelling Up LLC
Java Applications Development Services client review # 2

The developer is very good at his job. He communicates well and is always willing to go above and beyond to help. Highly recommended.

Jason Drohn