Node and React JS Web Applications Services

Node and React JS Web Applications

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NodeJS is a top technology choice for data-intensive applications that need to deliver high performance in real-time. Businesses are using NodeJS to develop Internet of Things applications or products based on communication, data streaming, video and audio broadcasting, and uploading of multiple files.

ReactJS is changing the way we build web, mobile, and desktop front-ends. Optimized performance, great user experience, re-usability of its components, mobile friendliness, and single page application are its key strengths. It is widely used by both Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups.

At HiTech Buddies, we use NodeJS and ReactJS to provide our clients with high-quality web applications that help them achieve key business objectives and offer a great user experience.

Enterprise Applications

NodeJS is a standard for Enterprise Applications

In order to support your day-to-day operations, you need a dependable and robust enterprise software solution. The solution in this regard should scale as your business grows. Seamless integration with other enterprise software, automation of business processes, inter and intra-departmental coordination, and overall productivity are all essential factors involved in the development of custom enterprise software.

Our enterprise software solutions focus on both fully-fledged enterprise development to computer-based information systems customizations for CRM, ERP, Collaboration, HR,and Project Management applications.

HiTech Buddies' enterprise software development services provide you just that. Our processes ensure that your organization gets the level of sophistication and functionality required to grow, scale, and stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Enterprise Applications

Web Applications

Node and React JS are outstanding technologies for web development

Web Applications

Node.js is one of the hottest back-end technologies of the moment and it will be the go-to framework for modern web applications for enterprises. Some of the main reasons behind its popularity are the lightweight design and the fast speed for web application development.

We have delivered many projects to our clients who took advantage of NodeJS to build high-performing applications that bring tangible business value. We have the full knowledge and expertise to create complex web applications that provide users with optimal experience and realize key business goals.

HiTech Buddies offers professional custom web portal development solutions for organizations in multiple industries. From designing and development to maintenance, we help provide feature-rich and industry-specific portal experiences to our clients. Our portal application development services consist of intranet and internet-based web portals for businesses

API Development and Integration

NodeJS is ideal for building highly-scalable, data-intensive backend services (APIs)

NodeJS is a great choice for dynamic, effective and efficient API development due to its ability to scale smoothly while handling multiple requests. It is combined with MongoDB or MySql to develop and integrate APIs for web applications.

We have led quite some projects on NodeJS for API development and received exceptional feedback with innovation and perfect technology choice. We have also integrated popular APIs like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twillio, Amazon using NodeJs in many projects.

At HiTech Buddies, we are driving the development of innovative technologies like NodeJS and ReactJS with expertise and the right approach. Our experts are just a call away to bring your ideas into the practical world.

API Development and Integration

Chat Bots Development

NodeJS is perfect for chat bots and real time messages.

Chat Bots Development

Looking for the best chat bot development services for your business? You’ve found us! Our chat bot services will transform the customer experience your business has to offer. We provide you with the AI Virtual Assistants that will simulate intelligent and coherent conversations with your customers and assists them with queries. Our chat bot solutions are highly sophisticated and intelligent and can be implemented into various domains such as e-commerce, entertainment, customer support, delivery services or healthcare.

We use Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the burden of routine work tasks - saving you money and time. We partner with the world's leading companies to design and develop conversational experiences. Let us help you connect your brand with customers where they communicate today. Our chat bots are used for live customer support, HR virtual assistance, lead generation and follow-up cycles.

Web Portals and Dashboards

ReactJS is a good choice for building web portals and dashboards.

Data visualization tools and dashboards, in particular, have become an integral part of any enterprise management process. Every company department is chasing specific goals which require analyzing a large amount of external and internal information. The better way to track the status of such goals is to use an interactive visualization dashboard that allows monitoring all related metrics.

ReactJS helps our development team to create comprehensive data visualization tools and what benefits it provides to our customers. Our portal developers have both engineering skills and business touch to create reliable solutions that help companies manage their internal and external interactions, connect users and content, as well as facilitate operational activities while making them more engaging.

HiTech Buddies use the power of ReactJS technology to build powerful web portals, dashboards and single page applications.

Web Portals and Dashboards
Node and React JS Web Applications Services client review # 1

Working on this software project has been a pleasure. They are exceptionally talented at translating words into code, always making recommendations on the user experience and what will work best for customers.

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HiTech Buddies is a trustworthy problem-solver, highly valuable espacially when having difficult times like we all do these days. Thank you so much!