Golf Simulation Platform for Sports Industry

Project Description

Initially, SportTrak was founded primarily as a hardware company, producing high-quality golf launch monitors at affordable prices. This market in general is fairly high-end, so the cost was a competitive advantage for a long time. However, the company saw the tendency of their customers to use their launch monitors in combination with third-party digital solutions, so they decided to create software of their own – the SkyTrak golf simulator app. The main idea was to stand out among competitors by showing great ball trajectory tracking accuracy, game/skill improvement monitoring, and a fast and smooth user experience. SkyTrak needed a strong and reliable software development partner in order to implement the highest possible quality standards. The project has required not only the execution of app development services but a proactive vision of the business’s future growth from a tech side. The Visartech team has managed to satisfy the demand by offering to create a simulation platform that will unite various software solutions under a single ecosystem for golf enthusiasts. Within the long-lasting collaboration between Visartech and SportTrak, the client’s company became not only a golf launch monitor provider but a service company presenting the perfect combination of hardware and software – everything golfers need.

Facebook Apps, Web Development,

Bootstrap, MySQL, React, JavaScript, PHP

Completion date

18 APRIL 2019